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Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have any questions that aren’t stated below, email us at support@foragegroup.com.

Forage is a two-sided marketplace where companies hire freelancers to attend events and generate qualified leads.

All leads are pre-approved by companies before foragers make their email introductions. Companies are expected to pay only for introductions where the person replies and sets up a call or meeting.

Foragers set their own rates. Foragers charge by attendance and per lead. For example, a forager charges $100 to attend an event and $20 per lead. The ticket and additional expenses are negotiable.

Forage takes a 10% fee from each party. For example, if you’re expected to make $200 as a forager, you’ll bring home $180 (10% fee). As a company, if you’re expected to pay $200, you’ll pay $220 (10% fee).

If you charged $100 to attend an event and $20 per lead, and attended 2 events per week and generated 3 leads per event, you would make an extra $1,152 per month (after Forage’s 10% fee).

Yes. As a forager, you have the option to change your rates for each event. As a company, you have the option to counter-offer a forager’s rates and negotiate.

No. You can use Forage whenever you want; you choose which events you want to attend.

Please email us at support@foragegroup.com if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!